Our travels have taken us to Singapore where we stayed atop the Marina Bay Sands Resort. A quick trip to Chinatown ended up being an all day adventure with so much to see and experience there from the temples to the cuisine. The most memorable moment was walking through the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and finding a Buddhist Monk writing on the concrete with a water brush. Unfortunately, my Mandarin was a bit rusty so I was unable to translate. I went back later in the day and saw some more of his writing, but no more after that. Chinatown was definitely the place to go for any type of souvenier. The prices were cheap already and you could easily haggle with the shop owners if you thought it was a too high a price for an item. Also, if you need an alteration on a trip, this is the place. My wife wanted to get her jeans altered and the seamstress simply looked at her, grabbed the jeans and started sewing. When she was done, they fit perfectly. It only took 30 minutes and cost around $7 USD. If you do end up going here, bring an empty suitcase because you will need it!

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